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Florent is closing.  I could have predicted it.  I still find it sad.  The place that transformed the Meat Packing District from no-go zone to hip, fun precinct is now, apparently, seeing its monthly rent rise from $5K a month to $60K.  No, that’s not a typo.  The irony, of course, is that the landlords wouldn’t even be able to get their current rent were it not for this pioneer. 

I’ve been going there since it opened in the 80s.  It was a place filled with beautiful people, and yet friendly and devoid of ’tude.  A combination that is increasingly rare now.  One of my best friends took his wife there on their first date.  I’ve taken 20+ years of friends and girlfriends, not to mention my wife :-)

The growing list of disappearing, important Manhattan fixtures is becoming too large to maintain.  My childhood and young adulthood memories are being plundered.

Florent is going out in style though. For details, see The Gothamist.

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