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Recent articles like this one have been speculating on the possibility that a potential flaw in IIS might be responsible for a rash of malicious iFrame attacks that have plagued the Web recently.

It would appear that IIS, ASP[.NET, and SQL Server are not the culprits.  A response to me and others, direct from Microsoft follows.


We have been investigating these reports today and just posted two blog posts about them:

The high-level summary is:

These *are not* a result of any known security issue with IIS, SQL, ASP or ASP.NET (or any other Microsoft product)

These are instead the result of SQL injection issues within the web pages/applications hosted on these sites

You can learn more about SQL injection issues and how to prevent them in a blog post Scott Guthrie did a few years ago here:

 The above blog posts provide more details on the attacks and have pointers on how to make sure your site doesn’t have SQL injection issues.

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