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I just got my Treo 700w to sync over Bluetooth.  And I am very proud of myself.

But, in a technologically sensible world, I shouldn’t be…that is to say, setting up an ActiveSync partnership over Bluetooth shouldn’t be that hard.  In fact, there shouldn’t even be a concept of setting up a “partnership.”  I should just be able to tell ActiveSync to allow Bluetooth connections and go.

Instead, I have to go into the Bluetooth stack software on my laptop, enable the serial port profile, determine its COM port in the property sheet, go into the ActiveSync Connection Settings dialog, allow connections to that COM port, pair the phone with the laptop’s ActiveSync profile, fire up ActiveSync on the device, and then, finally, tell it to connect over Bluetooth.

Bluetooth was initially designed to replace the cables used to connect PCs and peripherals.  But until Bluetooth is as easy to use as a USB cable, it will be relegated to a specialized protocol for cell phone cordless headsets.  People will plug and play with cables until playing unplugged doesn’t require voodoo or passing a certification exam.

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