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I leave in four days to speak at Microsoft Tech*Ed 2005 in Orlando; the show runs all next week.  I’ve been so busy preparing, I haven’t had time to provide details, so here goes.  My presentations will include:


  • A breakout session on Windows Forms 2.0 Data Binding jointly presented with Steve Lasker, a former RD who is now the Program Manager of Smart Client Data Design-Time on the Microsoft Visual Studio team.  Steve taught me way more than I could had been able to discover for myself, so this talk will really be comprehensive and fun.  We’ll cover not just design-time binding to DataSets (although there will certainly be plenty of that) but binding to your own objects and collections, and extending the default binding infrastructure with your own event-driven code.
  • Another breakout session on SQL Server 2005 OLAP application development with ADO MD.NET.  I’ll be doing this one solo, but was given a lot of help and guidance by the Analysis Services team.  I’ll be covering everything from bringing back cellsets to reading KPI values to running CLR stored procedures on your cubes.
  • I’ll also be doing a 10-minute “Grok Talk” (these are 10-minute micro-sessions delivered in the Cabana area by RDs…more info here) My GrokTalk is on Tuesday June 7 at 2:10pm.  I’ll be covering the object data biding techniques from my full-length breakout session.
  • Just to get maximum value out of the data binding material, I’ll be presenting a 60-minute version of the data binding talk on my own at a pre-conference event called Microsoft Academic Days at Tech Ed, at the University of Central Florida on Saturday June 4th at 4:30pm.

See you in Florida.

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