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More details to come (including code), but here's a first glimpse of what worked and what didn't when I combined Whidbey with Oracle:

        ·         Even though ODP.NET was installed on the same machine as VS 2005, none of the VS dialogs or wizards recognized it.

·         Using Microsoft’s Oracle provider in the Server Explorer window, I could enumerate, but not view the PL/SQL code for, stored procedures within Oracle packages.

·         Using Microsoft’s Oracle provider in the TableAdapter Configuration Wizard, stored procedures in packages were not enumerated and could not be selected.  Therefore, typed DataSets against Oracle package-based stored procs were no go.

·         I couldn’t use the ASP.NET SqlDataSource control with ODP.NET.  The latter isn’t available from any drop-downs, and manually typing “Oracle.DataAccess.Client” into the Provider property created errors when I tried to run the page.

·         The winning combination was the ObjectDataSource control combined with “hand-written” classes that use ODP.NET to implement CRUD operations on package-based stored procedures.

·         Most of my research was in ASP.NET 2.0, and not Windows Forms.  But similar results came up there as well.

  Posted on Monday, April 4, 2005 9:23 PM | Back to top

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