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More from my dad on Bone Lick Park BBQ, and other new West Village eateries....

Went back to Bone Lick today for lunch with a friend.  Had a nice chat with the owner who's a smart young guy.  Turns out the smoker is right there in the kitchen on the main floor.  Worth a look.  It's quite a machine.  The ribs are smoked for 7 hours at 220 degrees (what they call low and slow in the South).  I was right about the Tennessee style, Memphis to be specific.  I told him it was a pity to serve cold cornbread; he said to tell the waiter to warm it up  when you order.  The key lime pie is baked by a lady in her home kitchen.  I told him to go to Hog Pit and see what collards should taste like.  I think he'll actually do it.  Hog Pit's meats are not smoked; they're baked and sauced (Dallas style).  He says business is picking up as customers are coming back and telling friends. Oh, there's a hamburger on the menu.  Don't bother.
Took home a pizza tonight from Gioia (the former Garber's Hardware location).  Outstanding.  Try the one called La Norcina.  This place could turn out to be a good spot.  I'll try the pasta one day soon and let you know. 
As you probably know, Barrocco Hots (Greenwich Ave, north of 12th Street) is gone.  The new deal is a place called La Palette which bills itself as Franco-Brazilian.  A large menu of crepes, both entrées and desserts.  Also sandwiches and a few main dishes.  I ordered something called a churrasco sandwich - Brazilian BBQ top sirloin on a baguette.  Turned out to be soggy, tasteless pot roast.  Ten bucks!  Maybe the crepes are good, but I'll leave it to you to find out.
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