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A new neighborhood place opened recently (in the West Village) and it turns out to be one of the only legal, authentic BBQ places in Manhattan.  It's called Bone Lick Park BBQ and it's at 75 Greenwich Avenue, between Bank and 11th (just northwest of the intersection of 7th Avenue and 11th Street, for those of you who find Village geography confusing).  My wife and I have been there once (and really liked it, except for the cornbread) on the advice of my dad, Norman.  He and my mom have now gone back a second time and he emailed me this review:

"We had dinner [at Bone Lick] tonite.  Your mother had the back ribs and I had a combo of beef ribs and chopped pork.  I am enormously impressed with this food because of its authenticity.  I asked and was told that the smoker is right in the basement.  I don't know how the hell they get away with this.  Danny Meyer spent two years trying to get the city to allow a smoker at Blue Smoke.  The BBQ style is Tennessee, which means they rely on the rub for the flavor instead of smothering it in sauce.  You can taste the wood smoke in every bite.
Although I still insist that the collards are timid and I agree that the cornbread is insipid, we tried two different sides tonite and were extremely pleased with the limas and the okra.  Makes you forget about the collards. 
The beef ribs look like they came off an elephant.  There's about a half pound of meat attached to each one.  They serve two on the combo plate and I could only eat one.  No prob with doggy bags.
I asked for the Tabasco and the waiter brought the McIlhenny along with a squirt bottle of their home-made.  This is not the stuff that's already out on the table.  Be sure to ask for it.
Finally, we shared a slice of key lime pie.  Wow!  The last time we had anything this good was when we were in Islamorada decades ago. They use real key limes (tart and bitter).  There's nothing like this in NYC."

For a neighborhood joint, this place is really good.  Go sample the fare if you have a chance.

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