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BizTalk Visionary,

The Microsoft® server products offer a comprehensive range of solutions for building an integrated and flexible business infrastructure. From messaging and collaboration to database management, and from ...

BizTalk Visionary,

The goal of this project, code-named “FABRIQ”, is to create a special-purpose, high-performance, service-oriented, one-way messaging infrastructure for queuing networks, agents and agile computing. It’s ...

Jay Glynn,

This is a great view of eXtreme Programming. I am not a fan of XP at all. There are a lot of “success” stories based on using XP, non of which impress me. Any methodology will have successes. ...

Siva ,

Myth #1 Myth: OO testing is unnecessary. OO promotes incremental development and reuse, so we have a more effective way to develop trustworthy classes. Reality: Human error is as likely as ever. We have ...

Michael Flanakin,

I don't mean to pick on anybody in particular, but I think most developers share this concern: deprecation of functionality. I'm sure that everyone who's been in the software development business for a ...